Headwaters Intervention Center and Family Crisis Center

Headwaters Intervention Center
P.O. Box 564

Park Rapids, MN 56470
(218) 732-7413
Email - hicdirector@arvig.net

Family Crisis Center
P.O. Box 3 

Bagley, MN 56621
(218) 694-2931
Email - hicdirector@arvig.net

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Being a Part of the Change....
One Survivor at a Time. 

24- Hour Talk and Text Crisis Line

Since 1978, Headwaters Intervention Center has been serving our community through advocacy, education, violence prevention and crisis intervention. And still, Today, we continue to hold strong to the belief that no one deserves to be abused.  
  1. 24-Hour Crisis Talk/Text Line
  2. Advocacy
  3. Safe Shelter
  4. The Revolution
  5. Community Awareness & Education
  6. Case Management & Continued Services

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Or call 1-800-450-9201 (toll-free)

""A Domestic Violence victim can't even start to plan to leave until they first believe that life outside of that relationship is better and possible"